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an Online Companionship Communiity for Creatives, Helping Professionals & others in Small or Solo Online Business

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Do you work or identify as a Creative, a Helping Professional or in some other related capacity in Small or Solo Online Business?

(There is often significant overlap – you get to decide if what you do fits into these categories, and this can be paid or unpaid work).

Do you find there are times within your working week where you feel like you are steering the ship alone? Where you feel lost at sea with nowhere to anchor yourself and no harbour to return to?

(I’ll stop with the nautical references here I promise!)

Do you sometimes feel a profound sense of loneliness navigating your work alone, while also living in the other complexities of your being human?

Do you need companionship with others who are also working as creatives or helping professionals, while holding the complexity of your being human?

Do you need a space to land in your work that encourages self-care and self-compassion and honours your knowing of your life and your business, and does not demand that you do more or be more or work harder or faster?

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I do. I feel like this on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. And it is something I hear time and time again from my clients.

I am a complex human (as I believe we all are) and as such I both work as a creative and a helping professional AND live a complex life, finding I need spaces to land and to be seen in my complexity.

I need space where I can share the most mundane aspects of my daily working life, while also celebrating the big and little wins, grieving the losses and naming the fears.

I need a sense of connection with others who are navigating this world of work, while also navigating the complexity of their life.

I need spaces that are not selling models of working based on fear and adding more and more to my never-ending to-do list.

I live with chronic illness, complex trauma, layers of oppression, and I live alone with no financial back-up system (of partner or family), and perhaps you live with some of this too. Or perhaps you are a single parent or a carer for a loved one, or perhaps there are areas of you life that look nothing like mine and a myriad of other complexities that impact your daily life.

I believe these aspects of our lives make us human, AND I believe they often add to the complexity of our working lives, and as such often add to the sense of loneliness that I and others working in solo or small online business sometimes experience.

Does any of this resonate with you?

Do you feel a need for a space to land, too?

Then I invite you to join me in Harbour.

 The finer details

Pay what you can from £5 per month (you pick the price you can afford, no questions asked).

A Private Facebook Group with:

Gathering together and space to land with me and others who are navigating working (paid or unpaid) as creatives, helping professionals or in small or solo online business. 

Regular weekly & monthly check-ins in the group.

Being witnessed in what it is to be human and to live our lives.

Being witnessed the daily experience of our work.

Learning from each other; space where we can ask other group members to share their experiences and where clear asks for support will be encouraged (as will consent and a clear knowing of your boundaries and your No – both the ask and the No, even No’s that come from knowing when you cannot engage, will be honoured and celebrated as an act of self-care).

Encouragement around self-care and self-compassion as we navigate our lives.

Occasional Discounts For My Other Services

Guest Speaker Conversations:

Pre-recorded Guest Speaker Conversations (1-2 per month), hosted by me, on topics linked to Self-Care and Self-Compassion while working as a Creative or Helping Professional (topics we included in the first Harbour session were complex trauma, chronic illness, the body, relationships, parenting, sustainability, purpose, liberation, truth, art, creativity and writing).

Discussion thread in the group following the Guest Speaker Conversations to discuss anything coming up for you following watching the videos.

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Guest Speakers

Harbour includes recordings Guest Speaker Conversations (hopefully 1-2 per month) with other Creatives and Helping Professionals who I deeply respect, hosted by me, on topics linked to Self-Care and Self-Compassion while working as a Creative or Helping Professional (topics we plan to include are complex trauma, the body, relationships, parenting, sustainability, purpose, liberation, truth, art, creativity and writing). These conversations will be pre-recorded for you to watch at your own convenience.

In the first run of Harbour in May 2019, these gorgeous humans said yes to having conversations with me. I plan to share these conversations in the new ongoing Harbour group too over time, along with brand new conversations that I have along the way::

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Still have questions?

Read some Frequently Asked Questions here: